Who, what, why?

BigOpenSky is a hobby project run by Matevž Gradišek, paragliding pilot, photographer, climber, the one who prefers spending time outdoors. After a few years in paragliding he felt ready to write the missing link and after too many spent hours he knew why nobody did it before. The PG & HG Guide Book - The Best Flying Sites - Slovenia and BigOpenSky were born.

Soon later he joined passion for photography with paragliding in a more creative way and the first BigOpenSky wall Calendar (2013) was printed.

Officially BigOpenSky is a small part of MR & Co. d.o.o., a company founded in 1999, which manufactures climbing equipment.

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MR & Co. d.o.o.

Cesta v Zgornji Log 67

SI - 1000 Ljubljana

Slovenia, European Union

Mobile: +386 41 636319



To share useful information and promote our sport by publishing different paragliding related publications. And of course to have some fun.

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BigOpenSky’s logo color: hex #3366cc, RGB 51 102 204, CMYK 80 60 0 0, combined with pure white.

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Big Open Sky

big open sky

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